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Me Design Exhibition

As Genoa has been selected as the European Cultural Capital of 2004, “ME Design: Forms of the Mediterranean” event is organized by the School of Architecture of the University of Genoa through its research centre, GUD, Genoa University Design, with the collaboration of the network of SDI, Sistema Design Italia. The show takes place in the nineteenth-century Palazzo della Borsa in Genoa with related events in display spaces throughout the city, and it involves visitors with a multimedia anthology to present, with images, sounds, projects and installations, works explicitly related to the concept of Mediterranean culture and in keeping with the themes of place, contemporaneity and design.

“The Mediterranean that unites and divides" is the central theme of the show that displays the multiplicity of aspects of contemporary life bound to ways and objects of daily life. It was intended to exhibit Mediterranean design, design for the Mediterranean, as an expression of the plurality of cultures that has developed on the edge of a sea that also bears common values and expressions. These cultures break down and come together in various ways, infecting each other and hybridizing themselves into different identities. Therefore, the objects in the exhibition are selected among commercially available daily, conventional or modern objects that determine today’s Mediterranean identities and design culture.

Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Product Design participates to this event with two exhibitions.

The selected products and objects shall be exhibited under eight different themes.


Assist.Prof.Dr. Sebnem Timur (Exhibition Coordinator)
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Özlem Er
Instructor Ece Ariburun
Research Assistant Turgut Cirpanli

More information about "ME Design - Forme del Mediterraneo": is available: (Italiano)

Press Releases

ITU - ME.Design Press Release (pdf, English)
ITU - Istanbul Containers Press Release (pdf, English, Italiano)

General Information

ME Design - Forms of Mediterraneo 1(pdf, English, Italiano)
ME Design - Forms of Mediterraneo 2(pdf, English, Italiano)

New Packaging Design Solutions for Traditional Turkish Food Products

In the stand for “New Packaging Design Solutions for Traditional Turkish Food Products” where student projects are exhibited, “[is]tainers [con]tanbul” slogan is used to exhibit examples of new packaging design developed for products which have been identified with local culture, such as candied chestnuts, dried fruit pulp, Turkish delight, salep, sunflower seeds, tea and Turkish coffee. The exhibited packaging designs aim to add value to these products by giving them a new identity and to reach different users in domestic and foreign markets. The particular packaging design projects that are exhibited, are chosen among the designs generated in the context of a second year design studio course EUT212 Product Design IV at the Dept. of Industrial Product Design, Istanbul Technical University which was led by Associate Professor Dr. Ozlem Er, industrial designer and part-time instructor Ali E. Bakova and research assistants Cem Alppay, Pinar Yalcin, Turgut Cirpanli, and Sinan Odekan. The aim of the project was to generate packaging and display design solutions to some selected traditional food products of Turkey for the end users in domestic and foreign markets. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Packaging Manufacturers Association of Turkey (ASD).

The names and designers of the packaging designs for traditional agricultural food products are:

A -“Twisting Candies” for candied chestnuts by Maral Kinran;
B - “Active Energy Food” for dried fruit pulp by Akin Bacioglu;
C - “Easy Coffee” for Turkish coffee by Renk Dimli;
D -“The Last Pawn” for salep (a traditional hot drink powder) by S. Koray Ozsoy;
E -“Rolly” for sunflowerseeds by Secil Ugur;
F -“Turkish Delight” by Berrak Karaca;
G -“Turkish Tea” by Yekta Gurel.

Turkish Tea Culture Exhibition

In the stand of ITU Department of Industrial Product Design where "Turkish Tea Culture" is promoted, a series of products shall be exhibited including various tea glasses and saucers as an extension of Turkish tea brewing and drinking habits from past to present and teapots ranging from the most ordinary ones to the electrical tea maker. The theme of the Exhibition is based on the fact that in spite of having the same typology and performing the same function, each teapot is distinguished from the others with regard to material, technology and design features and that all teapots are “different”. Similarly, the variations in classical tea glasses and saucers are striking because they represent the local differences and wealth specific to Turkey in the variety-based structure of the Mediterranean culture. Ala Çaydanlık, Arzum, Bayıner, Arçelik, Hisar, Jumbo, Korkmaz and Paşabahçe companies have contributed to this Exhibition by sending their products.


Active Energy Food - Akin Bacioglu / TIF Download TIF

Turkish Delight - Berrak Karaca / TIF Download TIF

The Last Pawn - Koray Ozsoy / TIF Download TIF

Twisting Candies - Maral Kinran / TIF Download TIF

Easy Coffee - Renk Dimli / TIF Download TIF

Rolly - Secil Ugur / TIF Download TIF

Turkish Tea - Yekta Gurel / TIF Download TIF