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"UNIQUE" Home Accessories Exhibition in Istanbul Design Week

The 3rd year students of ITU ID Department developed new projects on home accessories in the 2004-2005 Fall semester by the leadership of Assoc. Prof. Özlem Er, PhD; Assist. Prof. Şebnem TİMUR, PhD; Res. Asst. Demet GÜNAL-ERTAŞ, Res. Asst. Deniz LEBLEBİCİ and Res. Asst. Gülname TURAN in collaboration with the firm Unique Art. Unique Art, as known with their products on home textiles who serves B+ level, contacted the department with the brief of extending their product range with special objects and accessories for interiors regarding their company profile. After a couple of meetings, the project theme has been decided as 'designing objects that organize the home life, make it more comfortable and/or fun'. Students made research on the themes; 'to sit and to lie down', 'before sleep', 'right after waking up', 'eating away from the table' and 'smart storage' and developed their projects. 14 projects have been selected and exhibited in 13-18 September in Istanbul Design Week 2005 on the Galata Bridge.

ITU ID Department Students and their projects exhibited in "UNIQUE" Home Accessories Exhibition

[b]Avşar Gürpınar – WARM HUG

The idea of WARM HUG comes from the pillows which the geishas tie to their bellies for leaning somewhere or sitting on it. To tie the pillow to the belly prevents it from slipping, the arms of it evoke the feeling of hugging and the wheat bag on it warms up the body. The patterns on the back side of the WARM HUG which can be changed makes it personalized and more fun.

We use the tables for putting flower on them, serving, putting our feet on them while resting and eating on it. This product KUTU KUTU PENSE allows all these actions. The product consists of four removable boxes. It can be used as dinner table, service table or even aquarium.

Murat Sönmez – POUFFE BALL
Many people prefer the simple and minimal forms of comfort and entertainment as the daily life gets more complicated every day. POUFFE BALL is a design for creating a comfortable and funny place in our living spaces which can be hugged while sleeping, be kicked when we get angry or used for putting our feet on while reading.

Burcu Sürer – BIJU MIRROR
BIJU MIRROR is a product designed for storing accessories like jewelry or scarf easily. With its practicality it makes your accessories become a piece of your room. It makes it easier to choose one of them by displaying many alternatives at once.

Billur Turan – TRİO
To design a product to make the home living more orderly, comfortable and fun, I started with the books, magazines and newspapers accumulating on each other. I made the usage easier while keeping the active and disordered view. Each main part can rotate 360 degrees on the one below. The pieces formed with plexi-glass according to their functions can be used separately as well. Wheels can be mounted if needed.

Mehveş Çetinkaya – WINETOWER
This product is inspired from making towers with play-cards. WINETOWER makes the installation and usage a funny experience.

Özer Dicle – MONAD
MONAD is a product that takes our beloved shoes from darkness to daylight. The transparent cover makes the shoes visible and the adjustable shelve-system allows you to have two or four selves.

Ilker Uçar – POOF
POOF is a product that can become either a sofa or a poof when needed in narrow spaces.

Ali Karaman – OSSE
OSSE is a table which makes the usage easier. It’s easy to install the table that consists of three wooden sheets, and also it’s possible to carry the table with things on it.

Merve Tuna – Cartoon Commons – BUCKET
Cartoon Commons is a storage unit series that reminds the users of some classical scenes of cartoons and so makes the home life more fun. BUCKET storage unit, one piece of this series is inspired from the scene of the cartoon hero running, the bucket falling on him and him continuing to run with the bucket. BUCKET, a product that can be used in children’s room or bathroom can be also used as a sitting unit.

Cartoon Commons – HUNG
HUNG is inspired from the scene of the cartoon hero gets hung when falling. It is a purse with ruffles that can be hung by the hands and is used in kitchen cabinets, bookcases, table tops, etc.

Ceren Altıngöz – WITHIN
WITHIN is a mirror that gets hung on the wall by a hanger and looks like a door. The mirror and the function to tidy up the clothes meet in that single product. ‘Open the door to yourself’ is the idea of the project. Instead of looking at the mirror at a glance while passing, WITHIN suggest a new interface for looking at ourselves. It is intended to remind or raise awareness of ourselves.

Elif İnce – FRIENDS
FRIENDS is a coffee table that can hide the poufs inside of it, so it serves up the order and comfort at ones. Poufs, as many as wanted, offers a funny solution for daily life like eating, drinking coffee or playing games on it, etc.

Bahar Emgin – TEKPARE
The extraordinary sitting unit YEKPARE can be defined as the answer of a single ‘line’ for different positions of sitting on the floor. It is a one piece spiral that starts at a point.