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Graduate Programs

MSc and PhD Programs in Industrial Design are part of the ITU Institute of Science and Technology (Graduate School). ITU has the largest graduate program of industrial design in Turkey, with more than 120 research students with different disciplinary and professional backgrounds. Among the students are many designers and engineers working in the leading industrial companies of Turkey, and young academics of more than 10 different universities. ITU graduate programs in industrial design are the most competitive in Turkey, with a 5 to 1 ratio of applicant per announced place. In March 2009, the Eczacibasi Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates of Turkey, and ITU agreed to create a pool of research subjects originated from Eczacibasi Group companies, and to match these subjects with the research students enrolled in the ITU Graduate Program of Industrial Design. Graduate students who work on these research subjects are to be seconded by a monthly scholarship, and also be supported by other opportunities of using laboratories and application facilities offered by the companies of Eczacibasi Group.

The MSc in Industrial Design

The MSc program at ITU differs from the other existing ID masters programs, with its interdisciplinary student composition, experimental and innovative approach in "Advanced Design Project" studios. Some of the studio projects of which outcomes were exhibited or appeared in press can be viewed by following the below links:

shared surfaces for future workplaces - 2004/2005 spring
5 senses of istanbul - 2005/2006 spring
only_planet Turkey - 2006-2007 spring

Despite its experimental approach in design studios, MSc program at ITU is not project based, and requires a strong understanding and application of research methodologies in design, and includes writing up a dissertation as the final qualification of the MSc degree in industrial design.

Prospective students for postgraduate ID programs at ITU can apply in fall and spring semesters.
Please check with the ITU Institute of Science and Technology for the exact dates of application.

Courses in MSc in Industrial Design
Fall (must courses)
Tasarim Arastırmalarında Istatistik 3
Design Research Methods 3

Fall (Elective)
Advanced Design Project I 3
Aesthetics Experience 3
Bauhaus ve takipçisi akımların 20. Yuzyil Tasarimina Etkileri. 3
Endustri Ürünleri Tasarımında Biçim Arama Yöntemleri 3
Endustri Urunleri Tasariminin Turkiye'deki Gelisimi 3
Endustriyel Tasarımda 3 Boyutlu Animasyon Uygulamaları 3
Fikri Mulkiyet ve Tasarim 3
Urün Degerlendirmesi 3
Urün Malzemeleri ve Teknolojisi 3
Management of Industrial Design 3

Spring (Must)
Tasarimda Yönlendirilmis Calismalar 3
Future Directions in Design 3

Spring (Elective)
Advanced Design Project II 3
Advanced Problems of Graphic Expression 3
Aydınlatma Aygıtı Tasarımı ve Üretim Teknikleri 3
Çagdas Endüstriyel Tasarim 3
Case Studies in Design Management 3
Concepts and Methods in Interaction Design 3
Endustriyel Tasarımda Ses ve Animasyon Uygulamaları 3
Malzeme Ozelliklerinin Mimari ve Endüstriyel Tasarımda Bicimlenmeye Etkileri 3
Tasarım Anlambilimi 3
Tasarım Hukuku ve Uygulamaları 3
Tasarım Süreci Kuramları 3
Yaraticilik Kavramlarina Giris 3

PhD in Industrial Design

Courses in PhD in Industrial Design
Fall (all elective)
Advanced Design Methods 3
Advanced Methods in Design Research 3
Marketing Management for Industrial Designers 3
Tasarimda Folklorik Kaynaklar 3
Design Research and its Problematics 3
Cultural Approaches to Design 3

Spring (all elective)
Advanced Topics in Design Management 3
Bilgisayar Destekli Grafik Programlama ve Modelleme 3
Bilgisayar Destekli Tasarim (BDT) Metotlari ve Arastirmalari 3
Design Policy 3
Endustri Urünleri Tasariminda Veri Yönetimi 3
Tasarimda Karar Verme Kuramları ve Teknikleri 3