KAOSMARKET by Yekta Gürel

I was born in Izmit, 1983. Graduated from Besiktas Ataturk Anatolian Highschool in 2001 and Istanbul Technical University Industrial Product Design Bachelor Programme in 2006. Currently doing master’s degree in Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Design Programme.

I am interested in topics of interests like human computer interaction, experience oriented design, use of information technologies on consumer products, physical space and cyber space interaction, digital media, intelligent products - which are widely discussed and researched in Northern European countries where innovation and creativity run deep and standards are high. So, I will participate in Erasmus exchange programme in Interaction Design Programme at Malmö Högskola, Sweden in 06/07 academic year.

about project

My design proposal is based on concepts like, “city as an interface", marketplace, being inside out, crime cooperation, chaos, anarchitexture (blend of anarchy, architecture & texture), interference rights, “city as an invitation", post graffiti, digital vandalism, portable memory devices, mobile equipments, exchange, persona clouds, myth of transparency, collobration board etc...

So, I wanted to create a framework for collobration on an interace where can people trade their memories and personas using marketplace metaphor emphasise that initially I have presented Istanbul as a marketplace where people are illegal products are sold, a concrete crime corporation.

I think of people are expressing themselves on urban surfaces often with a chalk, a boardmarker, a swiss knife or a spray can. My thought is portable memory sticks will be much more handier than those, so a urban screen where we can inject digital grafitis and see them, share thoughts, rich media like digital photographs and video clips.

In a similar fashion, people like to share their adventures on the Web. William Gibson's often quoted description of cyberspace in Neuromancer really does seem to fit the Web: "a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of human beings." The Web may still have only millions of participants, but it is an experience of enormous power.

So I think that a smaller Web-like medium where people can meet, relax and share, emphasizing swiss knife – portable memory metaphor. Thus, I designed just a randomized urban surface, with sharp edges and corners, merely complex in Istanbul context, generated with Google SketchUp (http://sketchup.google.com/) a free modelling software, and exported blueprints with Pepakura Designer by Tamasoft (http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/).

The design framework give chance the surface to be built differently easily on demand. Structure can be shaped easily for different purposes and environments. Surface can be strecthable to satisfy user’s needs in city like, sitting, standing, leaning or lying. Form is built by joining wooden poles end to end, and stretching flexible composite fabric (like Pellicle mesh fabric is woven using a Du Pont polyester elastomer) tight to make up polygons. Fabric is perforated, painted white and black opposite sides, so that it creates a one way vision effect.

Beside, overlapping perforated polygons create a dynamic fluid texturized aurora, a dynamic gestalt in translucency. One way vision enables people to see what is inside so that Usb memory augmented generative art can be back-projected inside the white surface.

I tried to subvert an object's use (use of USB memory sticks), giving users opportunty to cheat the system and derive more pleasure than is their due. “The subversion of function relates to a breakdown of order; something else becomes visible, unnameable, unable to find a correspondence in the material world."

As a conclusion, this design proposal can be perceptible as a critical design example, where a commonly used technology, portable memories, becomes ego expression tools, spraycans for digital graffiti. People may ask questions about: