SEBİL by A. Sertaç Öztürk

Born in 1977 in Ankara . Graduated from ITU Department of Architecture in 1999. Finished his master degree in ITU Department of Industrial Design with his thesis ‘Personalizing Industrial Product, Example of Dolmuş*’ in 2004. Now he’s continuing his PhD. He’s the partner of the firm ‘Hayalbilim Design and Architecture’. He’s also teaching part time in Industrial Product Design Departments in Marmara University and ITU. Her daugther Ilke Ada was born during the project.

*a kind of public transport in Turkey , shared taxi, dolmush

about project

You wouldn’t wear clothing you don’t like. You’d wear one you love till it gets ripped off. To wear longer you sew up the rips. Its knees, elbow, the pocket you carry your pen in has changed, and it became you. Istanbul is getting used that way. It’s getting older, ripped off. Someone, us, sew it up. It never stays the same. This patched bundle changes so much, there’s no one left who knows what color it was. The patched bundle keeps taking the shape of the things inside of it.