ASTER-IST by Nil Güları

Born in Ankara, 1982. Had a bachelor of industrial design from Middle East Technical University at 2005. Her project exhibited in Milan Furniture fair. Was a part of international projects as Fiat Osa(One Step Ahead). She is experiencing Istanbul with five senses after moving in, at 2005 for the graduate design studies in Istanbul Technical University. She is interested in product semantic, visual culture and women studies. She will experience being a middle eastern women designer at Europe with five senses under the Erasmus Exchange organization with studying at Sheffield Hallam University in England 2006/2007 academic year.

about project

ASTER-ISTis a swinging sitting unit mused by Istanbul, the Bosphorus, two sides facing each other, the ships on Bosphorus, from coming and going, swaying and from cradle.

It’s fun and simple, suitable for six people to sit. It can give a new identity to the place, most suitable for cafes, exhibition halls and waiting rooms.