IRONIC by Hale Turancı

Was born in Malatya in 1982 and grew up there. In 2004, she received her degree in Industrial Design from the Middle East Technical University and continues her studies in Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Design Programme. She is interested in interdisciplinary design issues and currently makes a research on interdisciplinary design approaches in Turkey. Besides the academic studies, she is working as a full time designer in Delta Marine Engineering Co. which provides services in maritime industry in Turkey and worldwide. She is the founder member of the ‘Kara Kara Product Company’.

about project

‘Bosphorus’ is what defines Istanbul and shapes it with its unique beauty. Separating the two sides of the city naming them Asia and Europe , it unites them at the same time and it is the only space not belonging to any of them. It separates us but ironically also unites. And the Good Eye achieves this spiritually. It is the invisible screen between the bad gaze, bad touch and us.

IRONIC which combines the Bosphorus water and the Good Eye, is a folding which can be used to separate two spaces from each other, form spaces and to create a different ambiance.