ISTANBUL'S TRACES by Elif Küçüksayraç

Born in Ankara ,1979. Moved to Istanbul when she was eight with her family. Graduated from Bogazici University, Civil Engineering Department at 2002. In 2003 made the ‘Product Design’ short course in CSM, London. Then started with the master program of Industrial Product Design, ITU, which she’s still continuing, worked in BAC Design meanwhile. Since January 2006 she works as research assistant in ITU, IPD Department.

about project

Istanbul is a city where everyone leaves traces continually and disorderly (unlike Paris etc.) and the surface of Istanbul (the roads with holes, uneven pavements) reflects and represents this. To walk in Istanbul is like lying on a nail bed or walking on pebble stones as it’s uneven, hurts sometimes but makes you feel alive.

Arousing from this idea, ISTANBUL ’S TRACES is a kind of soft uneven surfaced carpet for indoor whose mould is the pavements and roads of Istanbul . It was prototyped with silicon. The same product might be produced as carpet weaved with strings in various colors and heights regarding the pavement photographs for a more industrial solution.