IST by Elif İnce

Born in 1980, Istanbul. She’s graduated from ITU Department of Industrial Product Design this semester (spring 2006). In 2002 she won the second prize in ‘Packaging Competition’ of ASD (Packaging Manufacturers Association) and with the same design she won the ‘World Student Star’ prize in the ‘Packaging Design Competition’ of World Packaging Organization. She studied in Politecnico di Milano in 2005-2006 fall semester as an Erasmus exchange student.

about project

IST (Istanbul Stores everyThing/everyTime) came out by using the disorder of Istanbul to create order and resulted in a storing unit which stores different stories in it like Istanbul does. The themes, motion of Istanbul, its structure which is being loaded with different lives and stories every day and getting bigger, getting shaped by the things in it is reflected to IST.

IST is closed at the beginning when you buy it, then it takes its shape depending on how and where the user places.