LIGHT OF THE CITY by Betül Hassamancı

Born in Kayseri, 1981. Graduated from ITU Department of Architecture in 2003. In 2004 she started the Master Program in ITU Department of Industrial Design while working as an architect.

about project

While the time flows in Istanbul , it accumulates and gets layered both on the surface of the city and in peoples’ souls. The life goes on the wounds that didn’t heal but covered. Rich historical background, life styles and the architecture are the accumulations on the topography and culture. These accumulations are the potential energy leaking through the disorder, fast lives, concrete mass and the crowd of people.

The light in the design represents this cultural and historical energy. The segmentations on the surface is the silhouette and the disorder of Istanbul . And the symmetry of this silhouette is the reflection of these on the water of Istanbul with its unique geography.