I-AM-PASS-ING by Benan Çelikel

Born in Antalya, 1978. Graduated from METU Department of Industrial Design in 2002. Worked mostly as a graphic designer in Istanbul. Started her Master Degree in ITU Department of Industrial Design in 2005. Went to Malmö University Department of Interaction Design, Sweden with Erasmus Exchange Programm. Now working on her MA thesis about ‘kitsch’. Looking for a research assistanship in related departments. Areas of Interest: Aesthetics, Culture, Literature, Graphic Design, Interaction Design.

about project

Istanbul is being in between! Neither east nor west. Neither traditional nor modern. Neither feminine nor masculine. Yet Istanbul is a transvestite in every sense. Her vague nature is what made me work on thresholds. My aim was to invite the passenger to be conscious about what he is doing at that particular moment.

An appeal rised for the act of passing and the thresholds, to me, is an appeal rised for Istanbul.

I-AM-PASS-ING is a doormat designed for the insider part of thresholds, aimed at alerting the passenger in the sense that he is doing something special: Passing a threshold! Thresholds are the areas of welcome. A sound embedded inside of the doormat calls the costumer for being aware of her entering in a place. On the other hand also calling the owner for a costumer waiting for affinity. It is suggested to be used in shopping areas like boutiques, stores etc.