7HILLS by Alev Oksay

Born in Ankara, 1982. Grew up and completed the high school education in Edirne. Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Since September 2005, she is studying in Istanbul Technical University for further research in Industrial Design, and looking forward for being an Erasmus exchange student in Sheffield Hallam University (UK) in Fall 2006/07.

about project

Istanbul is an assortment of traditions, attitudes, and judgments. More than that, Istanbul is the city of people who agree to differ. Therefore, balance and harmony make a different sense while living in this city. Balance is just there, if you can catch the harmony.

7Hills is a sitting unit with 7 heels (like 7 hills of Istanbul). Those 7 heels are 1cm higher from the ground, so it is the base of the sphere touching to the ground and keeping the balance with any 2 heels of 7. While sitting on this unit, balance points will shift according to your movement. Then, it is keeping you awake like Istanbul does.