ZAHİR by Akgn Tokatlı

Born in Konya in 1979, Akgn Tokatli graduated from Yildiz Technical University Industrial Engineering Department in 2001. Tokatli studied Industrial Design at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture and still developing doctoral thesis at the same department. He is currently working as a researcher at Photography & Video Program of YTU Art & Design Faculty.

about project

It’s hard to develop discourse without using the binary oppositins like east-wets or old-new. This bases on that historical segments which are forming Istanbul have been criticizing the new and the conflict that the new can be developed with the memory which these segments have been creating. This dialectic shelters a postmodernist discourse as well. ‘Modernism and postmodernism are cyclic motions that shelter the history in itself.’ Istanbul is a zahir* example of this.

The concept of the stainless steel with adornments on it has been developed with this text. Stainless steel represents the myth antagonisms belonging to today (new, west…), the adornments on it represents the them belonging to the past (old, east, …).

* apparent, clear, self-evident, manifest, visible