The students aimed to avoid the usual images and concepts about Istanbul and to describe the Istanbul they live in sincerely. To achieve that in the first experimental stage of the project they explored Istanbul again by just listening to their senses. This stage also included film screenings and talks by academicians from other disciplines and long conversations between student took place to explore the concepts deeply.


Otto von Busch and Evren Uzer talked on their projects on urban and social interventions and activism. Visit

Alper Maral from Yildiz Tehnical University, Sound Design Department has talked about his experiences on exploring the city via hearing and presented his work he designed for "abc Exhibition" in scope of UIA 2005, Istanbul. Visit website.

film screenings

'Crossing The Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul' (dir: Fatih Akin) and 'Istanbul Tales' (dir: Ümit Ünal, Selim Demirdelen, Yücel Yolcu, Kudret Sabanci, Ömür Atay) were screened and discussed.

experimental projects

At the end of the first stage the students produced and presented experimental projects in groups.


When the first stage was finished, each student came up with their own concept on Istanbul. And at the second stage of the project they developed products representing their concepts. The projects which were designed in five months were presented to proffessional designers like Tanju Özelgin and Inci Mutlu. The designs are going to be produced in the summer period and exhibited in international fairs.