'5 Senses of Istanbul' is an experimental design project, conducted in Advanced Design Project course of the postgraduate ID program of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in spring 2006. The project, which was inspired by the documentary movie "Crossing the Bridge: Sound of Istanbul" (Dr. Fatih Akın, 2005) was directed by Turkish designer, Aziz Sarıyer and the staff of ITU Dept. of Industrial Product Design. Designers such as İnci Mutlu, Tanju Özelgin and Otto Von Busch also contributed to the project in different stages. Twenty-two students took part in the '5 Senses of Istanbul ' project for 4 months.

With the project “5 Senses of Istanbul”, ITU, the first ever design school from Turkey that attended to SaloneSatellite in 2003 , will be exhibiting in SaloneSatellite for the second time in 2007. “5 Senses of Istanbul” project is sponsored by the leading Turkish office furniture brand, NURUS. The project, also supported by Çelik Dizayn and Yılmaz Zenger, will be exhibited during 18-23 April 2007 as part of SaloneSatellitee 2007 in Pavilion 22-24, E5.

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